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Living with Soul

Living with Soul is a membership program / women’s circle for women who resonate with the values of community, connection and care. The program is designed for those who acknowledge their spiritual nature and are ready to give it more space in their lives. If you want to join kindred spirits to explore living in harmony with yourself, others, the rhythms of nature, and the cycles of life this is for you.

Comprised of 3 integrated programs (Living with Soul, Earth & Ether, and Road Maps and Buried Treasures), Living with Soul will guide you to be your best, most fulfilled self and to move your lifestyle in a direction that brings you less stress, more inner peace, greater clarity, and a sense of harmony and ecological connection.

The program is a guide to:

* develop lifestyle habits in alignment with less stress and greater health and vitality
* practice deep self-care
* heal old wounds
* live in alignment with nature
* explore the spiritual arts
* connect to the rhythms of nature and cycles of life
* create more peace, harmony and joy in your life, and therefore also in the world around you
* enjoy life while evolving spiritually and raising your energetic vibration

If you want to contribute to the creation of a kinder, gentler world, you will feel at home here.

If you want to make a difference, to see the world bathed in more love and compassion but aren’t sure how, or want to do so in community, please join me.

If you believe in the principles of freedom for all and the pursuit of happiness for everyone, but don’t believe the work of trying to change others or systems by force or demand is your mission in this life, Living with Soul is for you.

If yes, you want to contribute to making the world a better place – but in a way that feels good to you. This is the answer you’ve been looking for. You are welcomed here.

It is my desire that Living with Soul is an ongoing source of inspiration, enrichment and fulfillment for members; and that it offers an opportunity to contribute to change, love, peace, harmony, oneness in THE most powerfully uplifting way – one that feels aligned with you and starts with you. For our outer world is a reflection of our inner world – on a personal, national and global level. Wishing everyone supreme inner peace, harmony and love. ♥️

Living with Soul lays the foundation for balance throughout all spheres of your life and encourages harmony amongst head, heart, and hands.

It’s a roadmap to buried treasures, and a community of women ready to embrace or create a life that reflects their personal needs and at the same time supports the well being of the others.

This membership community is for those who want to live with increasing levels of consciousness, self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-mastery; and for those who are ready to live the sacred in daily life, to deepen self-love and allow care and love of others to flow over from love and care of self.

Those who join will find they have become lighthouses during these times of change as they create a new way of inhabiting themselves and the planet that is more aligned with the principles of nature and life.

I invite you to join me in a rewarding experience of transformation. A journey to live and love with soul – discovering road maps and buried treasures to guide and inspire you along your way back home to your most authentic self.

I’ll provide the tools. You’ll find the buried treasures. Our journey will be together, our discoveries a shared experience. But the individual path you experience will be uniquely yours based upon your prior journey through this and many other lifetimes.

The journey is a transformative one of discovery, connectedness, inspiration and blossoming.

It’s not an un-peeling of the layers of  life like an onion, but rather the blossoming and opening of the layers of the 1000 petaled lotus that represents the 7th chakra, which helps us connect to divine energy and is associated with our highest Self. (This chakra is considered a portal to pure consciousness that helps us function in a more enlightened way, cultivate self-mastery, and experience the inter-connectedness of all that is.)

You will:

* Strengthen the kind of connection with yourself and the world around you that gives you a feeling of belonging, inner confidence, strength, stability and ecological responsibility

* Attune to the rhythm of the cosmos

* Develop a strong relationship with your intuition and feel more confident following your heart

* Gradually develop Ayurveda-inspired lifestyle habits that support holistic and genuine health, well being and vitality.

* Explore the ways we can use the spiritual arts and everyday rituals to connect to our higher selves and to the Divine for wisdom, or to create transformation in our environments. This includes topics ranging from lunar cycles to essential oils to oracle cards to prayer, meditation and more.

* Move towards more authentic self-expression by choosing to live what gives you a sense of meaning and direction in life – after the conditioning and expectations of others have been laid down, after the “shoulds” and other limitations you impose on yourself have been set aside.

* Gather with a community of like-minded women supporting, journeying and accompanying one another through this watershed moment in history with moral support and by simply holding and sharing the space – a space where open-heartedness and compassion can be freely received and given.

* Have the opportunity to heal, transform, grow, create and birth as guided by the spirit of your soul –  at your own pace.

What’s Included

* 3 times/month online circles (or in-person) where we gather to connect, learn, share, grow and practice

* Experiential or interactive activities such as: meditation, pranayama (breathing) and/or Yoga Nidra sessions, energy balancing practices, and a monthly lunar meditation with intention setting, meditation and oracle cards

* Occasional special activities or workshops facilitated by guests

* Each circle will focus on a theme, lesson, activity or practice related to one of the 3 pillars of Living with Soul (Living with Soul, Earth & Ether, Road Maps and Buried Treasures)

* Personal or Group coaching

*Energy healing/balancing/expansion practices

* Mini-courses

*A step-by-step process to incrementally bring more balance into daily life

*Stress management and relaxation training

* Practices and tools to create transformation in key areas of your life

* One or more private sessions with me depending upon the membership option you choose


Living with Soul is a new offering. When you become a Founding member by joining this year,  you’ll also become an Inner Circle member. This means:

1) your participation will help me develop and fine-tune the program. In exchange you receive a minimum 30% discount off my anticipated full-cost monthly membership fee

3) your membership will never increase.

3) You are gifted one or more private session with me (depending upon the membership option your choose) during the first year. These sessions can be:

*Akashic Records consultations
* yoga/meditation/Yoga Nidra practices
* energy healing sessions
* Personal coaching  (health & well being or life coaching, spiritual mentoring)
* chakra assessment and harmonizing
* tea sessions
* Egyptian sacred temple science sessions (more about this on the Zoom call)
* Psych-K sessions to clear blocks and limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind that keep you stuck in unwanted habits, relationships or patterns (I’ve used this personally to create dramatic change and healing in my life)
* Oracle healing sessions

I’d love you to join me to explore, reimagine and create in the Age of Aquarius!  Interested? If so, text me at 954-870-0508 and let me know. I’ll give you the latest info!